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La plataforma de formación en estética y salud INbe-uty

About us

We are aesthetic professionals with more than 25 years in the sector. We have dedicated a large part of our career to professional training, aesthetic and medical-aesthetic products. This experience has given to us the opportunity to meet (first-hand) many professionals with different profiles and business models, from different countries around the world.

And all have the same need and concern: training. We are a training platform unrelated to commercial brands. Our goal is to share a transparent and objective vision of the different therapeutic alternatives that you have at your disposal when offering the best solution to your clients.

We are In+be-UTY

+ So you can offer a value proposition that will differentiate through your essence

+ Focus on customized solutions and tailored to the needs of a client hiperexigente through your expertise

+ Talk to the client with the property and show that you are the expert and the best solution for your concern

+ Out of the deal “that does not add value” and enter into the creation of campaigns that provide a real value for your customers and your time

+ Focus on the new critical success factors that are: “security, trust, and credibility”

+ Create a communication strategy, explaining very well the values of your center

La plataforma de formación en estética y salud INbe-uty

Monica Collell


Come from a family dedicated to the sector, their parents were distributors in Venezuela of a well-known brand of cosmetics Spanish and his mother was the only school in Latin america is recognized by the Ministry of Education. Monica began her studies of aesthetics there and continued in Barcelona, his native city.
Has served as a professor in Venezuela, and the re-worked in a clinic of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Barcelona, where he served as assistant in aesthetic medicine, this helped him to understand all of the medical procedures, aesthetic and to have another perspective of aesthetics in general. After this experience back to the field of training, but this time from the hand of a pharmaceutical laboratory of maximum prestige in the sector, which enabled him to meet and share with many professionals in the industry from different parts of the world who have contributed in their personal and professional growth.

Cristina Casaldaliga


He began his career with a strong vocation as a teacher of Secondary school Education in the world of training aesthetic. In order to enhance his career at the international level, he moved to England, where he had contact with the related fields of art and cultural management, while still forming and working in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic.
His experience in England led him to start his own centre in Barcelona with a bet pioneered by the BIO-products. This experience led him to collaborate with one of the brands that had at its center, and so he began his career as a trainer international for several brands of cosmetics, aromatherapy, and finally in the pharmaceutical laboratory where he met Monica.

more than 25 years in the sector

Training team


Dr. enrique Lorente

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.

Masters in Aesthetic medicine. Teaching in the Master of Aesthetic Medicine of Barcelona and Lisbon and member of the SEME (Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine). International lecturer for different pharmaceutical laboratories as KOL.


Dr. Mari Cruz Domingo

Licenciada en Medicina

Master's degree in Aesthetic Medicine, Masters in Medical, Laser, Surgical, author of the book of electroestética applied. Expert in the development of equipment electroestética and electromedical, in addition to the guardian of the Master of the SEME.


Sonia Almela


Specialising in cosmetics & skin care. 1st prize Pasteur of Medicine, Pharmacy and biomedical Research. Founder of the brand of cosmetics consent to the maternity. Speaker of reference at international level.


Silvia Collell

Professional aesthetic

With a tremendous track record as a speaker at international conferences on 5 continents, and co-author of the book of electroestética applied and with over 35 years of experience in the sector and linked to the training.


Dr. Gregory Mendoza

Bachelor of Medicine

Degree in Medicine, diploma in dermatology and a Master's degree in Aesthetic Medicine and anti-aging. With extensive experience carrying out an innovative concept in the search for harmony and naturalness in the rejuvenation of face and body.


Antonio Carmona

Diploma in physiotherapy and osteopathy

Master's degree in Psychoneuroimmunology clinic. Formed in Therapy Clark, Therapy, Myofascial, massage therapist, nutritionist, Orthomolecular, an Expert on the microbiota. University professor of the master of Osteopathy in Madrid.


Carmen Navarro

Indisputable reference point

Indisputable reference point with over 45 years dedicated to the aesthetic. A pioneer in the concept of Beauty, Holistic and Comprehensive, in addition to the techniques of the east. Founder of the Centers Carmen Navarro. His career is distinguished by its professionalism, desire to learn, their excellence and know-how.

Pilar Delgado

Founder of the Institute for Aesthetics

Founder of the Institute of Aesthetics Pilar Delgado. Since 1995, offering a comprehensive care of the image and the beauty, with the methods, therapies, treatments, and technologies more advanced. It has become a reference in the sector of the aesthetic in its area of influence.

La plataforma de formación en estética y salud INbe-uty

Monica Collell and Cristina Casaldaliga

Founders of INbe-UTY

Founders of INbe-UTY and Tutors academic.