Skin therapist & beauty business

Master's degree

Master's degree

Created specifically for owners of aesthetic centers and medical clinics, where, in addition to all the training content, you'll find exercises and practice activities that will provide you ideas to create therapeutic strategies unique through the services that you offer in your center.

In addition, it has a module of Beauty Business applied to the sector and focused on giving you the tools necessary for the growth of your business.

Formación bonificada INbe-UTY

Objectives of course

What you ready?

  •  Module I – Introduction
  •  Module II – Essential
  •  Module III – Method be-DAPP
  •  Module IV – Procedures topics
  •  Module V – Appliances
  •  Module VI – Problems Solutions
  •  Module VII – Specific
  •  Module VIII-Business


“Neither the products, nor is the equipment should be the value of your center, just you and your vocation of service will be the ones that really provide a differential value and unique in your school” 

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